Environment, Sustainability & Corporate Social Responsibility

Environment & Sustainability

Green Facilities

45 Judges from 33 Provinces Workshop and Tour Recognized by Government as the Best Waste Treatment Plant Company in Indonesia.

Energy Efficient Machines and Facilities LEED.

Environmental Permits

Environmental permit is a license granted to any person doing business and/or activities that are required AMDAL or UKL-UPL in the framework of environmental protection and management as a prerequisite to obtain a license or activity. Environmental permit application submitted in writing by the person in charge of the business and/or activities as the Initiator to the Minister, Governor, or Regent/Mayor in accordance with its authority in conjunction with the submission of the AMDAL documents (Amdal/RKL/RPL) or UKL-UPL examination. The environmental permit application when submitted must be equipped with AMDAL document or UKL-UPL, document business establishment or activity and business profile.

Certificate of Eligibility/Ineligibility Environment (AMDAL) or Recommendation UKL-UPL be considered competent authorities (Ministers, Governors/Regents/Mayors) to give permission.

Authorized officer after receiving the environmental permit application, shall announce to the general public (through the print and electronic media). Affected communities due to their business or activity shall provide input to be taken into consideration (the deadline for 3 working days since the announcement).

CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

Offering Donation to Neighborhood

Life's most persistent and urgent question is: What Are You Doing For Others ? Martin Luther King Jr.

  • As a responsible corporate citizen, PT. Win Textile has a strong commitment to interpret its presence in the community through a variety of awareness and its contribution to sustainable development, which includes three major components: economic development, ecological balance and social welfare.
  • PT. Win Textile also aware of the interdependence between the sustainability of corporate growth and development of the welfare of the surrounding community.
  • The company can continue to grow if the community in which they also grow with him. That's why, for PT. Win Textile, CSR is not just a form of regulatory compliance, but it is an important part that determines the future of the company.

Supporting Infrastructure to Community

The miracle is this ? The More We Share, The More We Have ? Leonard Nimoy.

  • Community is the most important stakeholders to support the advancement of the company.
  • Companies and communities surrounding environment should be harmonized in order to achieve the common goal of prosperity and well-being.

Encouraging Plantation

It is every man’s obligation to put back into the World at least the equivalent of what he takes out of it ? Albert Einstein.

  • Nature and the environment is an important place for life in the world. concern for the environment is an obligation for all living things that exist in the environment.
  • By aiming for the benefit of present and future then PT. Win Textile always concerned about the environment. Manifestation of concern is evidenced by planting thousands of trees in an open area industrial area of PT. Win Textile.
  • We have been planting trees every year since 2012.
  • A thousand trees sengon / jengjing and Jabon in Industrial area of PT. Win Textile. Hopefully these activities continue as important to the future of the environment.

Employee Activities


  • Healthy competition within the company can be trusted to produce something positive for the company and the career development of workers. Indeed, competition and individual competition will result in better quality.
  • However, in many cases, after starting to compete and compete with each other, there are people who sometimes start to lose sense for healthy competition. In the end, it is becoming something that hurt the company in building collaborative working.
  • In fact, collaboration within the company is something that is mandatory to improve the quality of the work process, including to improve the performance and achievement.


  • Routine in the office sometimes makes saturation within employees. It is a common thing to happen, but it should not be allowed because it can decrease the performance of employees.
  • This boredom can be removed by holding employee gathering in which there are motivational material and games-games that enliven the atmosphere of gathering.