Our Advantages, Recognition & Our Buyer

Our Advantages

1. Good Quality Control System
1) Automation
All our machines and parts are the most updated from Italy, Korea, Germany, and Taiwan.
They are made based on computerized automation systems.

2) Standardization
Not just machines are the best in the world, but also our system is carefully designed based on standardization.
For example, employees must follow our specific manuals. Also most of recipes are already in computer system.

3) Korean Technician
50 korean technicians stay in factory to get the best quality of fabric.
They also train local employees.
2. Price Competitiveness
Price is the most critical issues to our customers
We have a very good relationship with yarn suppliers from India, Vietnam, Korea, and Indonesia.
Although we just open our business in Indonesia year 2012, we have known them more than 20 years in Korea already.

Suppliers relation is not just applied for yarn suppliers but for dye stuffs companies from USA, Korea, and Japan.
3. Vertical Production Advantages
Nowadays, speed is the key factor to success in textile business.
Thanks to our automation system, considerable size of produciton capacity, and IT technology, we are able to provide our products faster.

Especially, in Southern Asia, we have a good position geographically.
4. Environmental Care
The most critical subject to dyeing business is environment issues.
We have the best Waste Water Treatment Plant in Indonesia.
Even government acknowledge our plant so that 45 judges from 33 provices visited us and had seminar in Wintextile.


Our Buyer